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Degree Apprenticeships
Dashboard for Students on Smart Assessor

Smart Assessor

Smart Assessor is the e-portfolio technology platform, tracking progression throughout the learning journey for apprenticeship standards, traineeships, SQA,NVQs and much more.

Smart Assessor is used by all stakeholders to manage the apprentices journey. These include: apprentices, employers, assessors, independent quality assurers and managers. Additionally, it is used to ensure the journey is compliant with the regulatory bodies such as Ofsted and ESFA.


How to Get Help?

  • Employers via the apprenticeship manager/lead in their school.
  • Applicants via the apprenticeship manager/team manager in their school.
  • Enrolled Apprentices via the ITS Service Desk. Details on how to contact IT Services.


How do I login to Smart Assessor?


Guides are available to help navigate Smart Assessor for all stakeholders.

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