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CHILL (Children’s Health in London and Luton)

The team

All of our researchers are DBS-checked and fully trained before undertaking any school visits.


Dr Helen E WoodDr Helen E Wood
Project Manager - London

Helen is the Project Manager for the London arm of CHILL. Her background is in respiratory and exercise physiology and she’s also worked in research in the area of cancer epidemiology. Helen completed her degree and PhD at the University of Oxford, before undertaking research positions at The Office for National Statistics, The Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine in Dallas, King’s College London and Queen Mary University of London. Helen coordinated the EXHALE study – the predecessor to CHILL – for five years, and as a London resident and parent has developed a keen interest in the health effects of air pollution. Helen’s claim to fame is that she came up with the acronym CHILL. In her spare time Helen likes to run and knit, but not at the same time.

Dr Harpal KalsiDr Harpal Kalsi
Research Fellow

Dr Harpal Kalsi is a Research Fellow who has worked across some of the top teaching hospitals in London including the world-renowned Royal Brompton where he trained as a Respiratory Physiologist. His PhD was conducted in respiratory physiology were he conducted research investigating how drugs are absorbed in the lungs. He has 16 years’ experience of working with a diverse range of patients and children of all ages (NHS and private sector). Harpal brings a wealth of skills to the CHILL study, conducting research with children in 28 Primary schools in central London when assessing the original Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in 2008.

James ScalesDr James Scales
Postdoctoral Researcher

James is a researcher working in the London arm of the CHILL study. His background is in muscle function, and has lead research exploring injury rates in soldiers in the UK and foreign militaries. James has worked on CHILL since the study start and has particular interest in physical activity monitoring. Alongside working on CHILL, James leads The Big Science Question 2020, a citizen science project that facilitates children taking air pollution and health measurements in their own schools. When not working on CHILL James plays as much tennis as he can and still coaches a number of very talented junior tennis players in central London.


Grainne ColliganGrainne Colligan
Research Nurse

 Grainne is a research nurse who works on the CHILL study across both the London and Luton teams. During her time in Queen Mary University she has contributed to a wide variety of research projects across primary care and the community and worked with adolescents and young adults, primary school children and adults in many different settings. Her particular interests include community health research and public engagement.

As a long time East London resident and parent she is personally and professionally committed to the CHILL study and particularly enjoys school visits and meeting fantastic children from all over London and Luton.



Iva Tsocheva

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Iva Tsocheva is a Post-Doctoral Researcher with an established interest in children and adolescent health. She works for our Luton team.

She has a PhD in developmental psychopathology and her experience includes a wide variety of public health projects. She has worked on studies investigating nutrition, affective disorders, physical activity, addiction, sport and well-being, social care, gambling behaviour, ageing and mental health.



Jasmine Chavda

Jasmine Chavda is a researcher at the University of Bedfordshire. Jasmine was a secondary school teacher for a number of years. She has a background in teaching and psychology, and has recently completed her masters in Health Psychology. Jasmine enjoys working with children and also has a love of animals!


Jessica MoonJessica Moon
Learning & Outreach Officer

Jessica is a science communicator who has previously worked at Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium delivering a variety of shows and workshops to school groups and to the wider public, and who now works with the Centre of the Cell team. She has a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh and a passion for engaging the public with science both in her professional and personal time. She has developed a workshop focusing on how the brain works and on the influence that pollution may have on it, which is being delivered to the classes of the students involved in the study to help them understand the project that they are a part of. The workshop has been designed to be fun, inspiring, and accessible for all students, as Jessica believes strongly that there should be no barrier between any child and a love of science.



Rosamund DoveDr Rosamund Dove
Postdoctoral Researcher





Louise Cross

Project Manager- Luton