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CHILL (Children’s Health in London and Luton)

Public Engagement


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Since beginning in 2018 the CHILL team have been working with Centre of the Cell to provide exciting workshops to students at participating schools. Despite pausing our annual visits due to COVID, we are happy to return to school. In our final year of the study, we delivered workshops to 26 schools reaching 1462 students across primary and secondary schools.

Each year features an exciting new workshop. Our previous workshops include DNA, Lungs, and the Boggling Brain! In 2022-23, our workshop focused on Air Quality and Action!

These outreach sessions were highly attractive to schools and engaging for pupils. Comments were almost invariably positive, including for example, from a teacher: “I’ve never seen my children so engaged in a topic.”

Thank you so much to our Centre of the Cell team for creating hands-on, educational activities to help students engage with our research!

Find out more about the Centre of the Cell and their wonderful activities, many of which are hosted at the Blizard Institute in Whitechapel.

A school child with their hand up waiting to answer a question

Our science outreach has extended to the wider community and beyond. We've had the opportunity to deliver sessions at local festivals (London’s Bloomsbury Festival), national initiatives (MRC event, New Scientist LIVE), and leading science bodies (The Royal Institution) to engage the public with our research. 

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