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Centre for European Research

Dr Françoise Boucek


School of Politics and International Relations


I am a political scientist with a research focus on political parties, intra-party politics and party government in Europe and beyond, the study of legislatures and coalitions, representative democracy, electoral systems and constitutionalism from a rational-choice institutionalist perspective. At Queen Mary I convene a very popular final year undergraduate double module on European Integration and EU politics (POL330). I am very involved with the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) and was twice Workshop Director in six years at the Joint Sessions: Granada (2005) on ‘Dominant Parties and Democracy’ and St Gallen (2011) on ‘Cohesion, Dissent and Partisan Politics in European Legislatures’. I had a previous career as a research analyst in the investment industry in Canada and am currently very interested in the EU’s attempts to regulate financial services.

Dr Françoise Boucek's full staff profile.


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