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Centre for European Research

Catalonia and Scotland: New nations in the EU?

30 May 2014

Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Venue: People’s Palace 2, Queen Mary University, Mile End Campus

The so-called ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ between David Cameron and Alex Salmond to allow a binding referendum on Scottish independence stands in sharp contrast with the Spanish government’s outright opposition to allowing a similar vote in Catalonia.

This conference will address the important transformations that the rise of secessionism in Catalonia and Scotland could potentially unravel by examining: The key reasons that have prompted the shift from devolution to secession in both Catalonia and Scotland;

• The novel political structures and new social attachments that may emerge as a response to secessionist demands

• The novel instruments and actors leading political mobilisation and social change

• The eventual political consequences of secessionism for Britain, Spain and the EU

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