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Centre for European Research

Book Launch: The EU Enlargement and Gay Politics

26 October 2016

Time: 6:30 - 8:00pm
Venue: QMUL, Mile End Campus, People's Palace One Lecture Theatre

Join us for the book launch of ‘EU Enlargement and Gay Politics’, where our panel will discuss LGBT rights and activism in Central Europe and the Western Balkans, within the framework of EU Enlargement.

  • Prof Peter Vermeersch - KU Leuven (University of Leuven)
  • Koen Slootmaeckers - QMUL & KU Leuven
  • Dr Kelly Kollman - University of Glasgow
  • Dr. Francesca Romana Ammaturo (U. of Roehampton)
  • Dr. Indraneel Sircar (LSE)

Book now

EU Enlargement and Gay Politics: The Impact of Eastern Enlargement on Rights, Activism and Prejudice edited by Koen Sloetmaeckers, Heleen Touquet, and Peter Vermeersch

This book offers a well-investigated and accessible picture of the current situation around the politics of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) rights and activism in Central Europe and the Western Balkans in the context of the enlargement of the European Union (EU). It provides not only thoughtful reflections on the topic but also a wealth of new empirical findings — arising from legal and policy analysis, large-scale sociological investigations and country case studies. Theoretical concepts come from institutional analysis, the study of social movements, law, and Europeanization literature. The authors discuss emerging Europe-wide activism for LGBT rights and analyze issues such as the tendency of nationalist movements to turn ‘sexual others’ into ‘national others,’ the actions and rhetoric of church actors as powerful counter-mobilizers against LGBT rights, and the role of the domestic state on the receiving end of EU pressure in the field of fundamental rights.


“This volume offers an encompassing assessment of LBGT rights advocacy, identity politics and backlash in the context of the EU enlargement in Central and Eastern Europe. Among its greatest merits, the book contributes to bridging academia and activism and brings together established scholars, practitioners and civil society actors to offer valuable insights into the promises, challenges and pitfalls of current and future EU enlargement for LGBT rights in regions of Europe that, despite their salience and relevance, have been neglected for too long in sexuality and gender scholarship.”
Dr. Isabelle Engeli, University of Bath

“Still too little scholarship has explored the relationship between European enlargement and gay politics. This timely and comprehensive volume is a welcome correction to that gap. The authors make an impressive contribution to on-going debates around conditionality and Europeanization from the Baltics to the Balkans. The varies case studies and the interdisciplinary nature of the volume—weaving together theoretical approaches from fields of politics, law, sociology, and queer theory—makes this book and indispensable resource for a wide scholarly audience.’
Dr. Phillip Ayoub, Drexel University

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