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Centre for European Research

I. Bayeux Network Meeting

When: Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Where: Queen Mary University of London in Paris

The first Franco-British Strategic Dialogue, organized by the Center for European Research at Queen Mary University of London in Paris, took place on January 25th. The event brought together high-level practitioners, academics, and experts to discuss the priorities of the Franco-British summit and engage in in-depth thematic discussions. The dialogue aimed to establish a regular series of events and structured dialogues that would contribute to the bilateral relationship and connect experts through a Franco-British scientific network.


The purpose of this dialogue was to provide a platform, under the Chatham House rule, for discussing the Franco-British relationship. It sought to address the challenges faced by the two countries and lay the groundwork for joint actions as security providers in Europe and beyond. Despite the difficulties posed by Brexit, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the US-China rivalry, France and Britain, as nuclear powers with shared strategic cultures and global ambitions, played a crucial role.


Key questions discussed during the event included the future of Franco-British defense cooperation in Europe experiencing a resurgence of high-intensity conflicts, the desired European security architecture, and the formats to achieve it. Additionally, participants explored potential synergies in terms of military and economic support for Ukraine and examined opportunities for joint security initiatives in other regions. The nature of the Franco-British relationship was also assessed in terms of its impact on the future of EU-UK cooperation.


The outcomes of the Strategic Dialogue contributed to the formulation of policy recommendations in preparation for the Franco-British summit scheduled for March 2023. By fostering a collaborative environment and gathering expertise, the event aimed to reflect on the state of the Franco-British relationship and identify avenues for future cooperation as security providers in Europe and beyond.


For a more detailed understanding of the subject and to explore the key principles for establishing a more ambitious relationship between the UK and France, we recommend reading the blog post by Sarah Wolff, Pierre Haroche, and Christian Turner. The article delves into the core issues that were central to the networking and research activities of the Bayeux Franco-British Network.


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