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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Dr Neil Walker

Senior Statistician



I have 20 years’ experience of working in different areas of statistics, primarily in field of wildlife epidemiology. I joined the PCTU statistics team in 2019 and have duly gained experience in relation to clinical trials


Research Interests:

Statistical applications in clinical trials, epidemiology, methods of randomisation in trials, analysis of clustered data, epidemiological/statistical analysis with imperfect diagnostic tests


  • Walker, N.J. (2014). The Analysis of Epidemiological Data on Bovine Tuberculosis in a Wild Badger Population: An Investigation of Approaches to Statistical Modelling. PhD thesis, University of Bristol.
  • Delahay, R.J. Walker, N. Gunn, M.R. Christie, C. Wilson, G.J. Cheeseman, C.L. & McDonald, R.A. (2011). Using lifetime tooth wear scores to predict age in Eurasian badgers (Meles meles): performance of a predictive model. Journal of Zoology, 796, 1-9.
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