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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Dr Runguo Wu, MSc, PhD


Health Economist



I joined QMUL as a Health Economist in 2019. I currently work with Professor Mihaylova and other colleagues at QMUL and Oxford in development of long-term cardiovascular disease models based on large clinical trials and population cohort data, and economic evaluation of health care interventions using the models. Before joining QMUL, I did doctoral research in analysis of health financing and utilisation inequalities using multilevel and longitudinal data at Edinburgh. I have MScR and PhD degrees in public health policy from the University of Edinburgh, and a BSc in biotechnology and a MSc in cognitive neuroscience from Beijing Normal University.


Research Interests:

Disease modelling; cost-effectiveness analysis; health inequity


Research groups:


Outstanding publications:

Gaps in antihypertensive and statin treatments and benefits of optimisation: a modelling study in a 1 million ethnically diverse urban population in UK. BMJ Open (accepted)


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