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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Luis Rivas


Primary Care Facilitator

Telephone: 020 7882 2533


I worked for many years for the National Poisons Unit, Guy’s Hospital and then Contateno PLC (formerly Medscreen Ltd) in the drugs of abuse testing field.  I was an analyst and screening manager, so that I have experience and a good understanding of the logistics, audit, ISO standard quality control and chain of custody and confidentiality processes that are involved in sensitive sample collection/testing situations. I also worked as Sample Reception Manager for the Biochemistry and Haematology Laboratory at UCLH (now called Autolab). This gave me an appreciation of the sheer numbers of screening tests and test types that are produced within a trust each day.  Thus as well as my experience within CEG and GP practices, I have knowledge of a working hospital laboratory and the issues involved across the biological sample testing process.  Towards the end of this part of my career I was employed as supply chain logistics manager, with training in the transportation of hazardous goods as well as contract checking.  

Altogether, these positions constitute 12 years of management experience underlined/supplemented by an HND in Management studies. I have a BTEC in applied Biology and a Mechanical Engineering Master’s degree (recognised by Unesco) undertaken in Cuba, giving me good technical abilities.


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