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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Dr Lucy Mitchinson, BSc, MRes, PhD


Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Behavioural Science



I am a healthcare researcher working within the Centre for Prevention, Detection and Diagnosis. My work focuses on understanding the effect of distance and disadvantage on patient engagement with lung cancer care and outcomes. 

I have a background in Psychology (MRes, BSc) and experience researching advanced disease. My PhD involved understanding the experiences of patients receiving palliative care who participated in touch-based complementary therapies. I used mixed-methods to understand how patients felt complementary therapies effected them in hospice, and used expert group consensus to develop a Core Outcome Set to improve evaluation of complementary therapies at end of life. 


Research Interests:

I am a post-doctoral Research Fellow currently exploring the effect of distance and disadvantage on lung cancer care and outcomes. I am passionate about using qualitative research to understand the patient experience and improve healthcare delivery and outcomes. My research interests include; cancer screening, health service evaluation, advanced diseases, and health inequalities.


  1. Missing the human connection: A rapid appraisal of healthcare workers’ perceptions and experiences of providing palliative care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Link:
  2. Perceptions and experiences of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. Link:
  3. How best to capture the impact of complementary therapies in palliative care: A systematic review to identify and assess the appropriateness and validity of multi-domain tools. Link:
  4. An investigation into the relationships between bullying, discrimination, burnout and patient safety in nurses and midwives: is burnout a mediator? Link:
  5. Do Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic nurses and midwives experience a career delay? A cross-sectional survey investigating career progression barriers. Link:
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