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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Dr Kelvin Smith


Health Data Science Lead



I finished my PhD in Anthropology/Sociology at Essex University in 2007 and joined the Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG) in 2009.  My ongoing interest is in using health data analysis as a way of contributing to change and improvement within local communities.  To this end, I worked for several years developing dashboards and patient-facing tools that visualise live health data. These have enabled GP practices, NHS commissioners and local authority public health practitioners to understand the characteristics of their patients and populations and deliver better evidence-based health care.

I currently maintain a leading role in the implementation of ‘Discovery’: a database that combines clinical data from GP, hospital and community service systems across north east London. Through this work I am actively involved in supporting research, including that funded by HDRUK and UKRI, to uncover geospatial, ethnic and social determinants of health and health inequalities, and in further developing tools and resources for researchers and health analysts.  This has included, during the COVID pandemic, a key role in the local implementation of the QCOVID risk score.



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