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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Dr James Scales


Research Fellow (AUKCAR)

Telephone: 0207 882 7172


With a background in in physiology and biomechanics and has lead research exploring injury rates in soldiers in the UK and foreign militaries, James joined Queen Mar 2018. He has worked on the Children’s Health in London and Luton (CHILL) study and had day-to-day responsibility for leading physical activity monitoring of the cohort.


James has been awarded over £700,000 of grant funding to support air pollution research and public engagement work. He has recently received funding from Asthma and LungUK to evaluate the health impacts of non-tailpipe air pollution produced from electric and hybrid vehicles. He is also a Co-investigator on the HEI (USA) funded study exploring health effects of non-tailpipe air pollution.


Research Interests:

James’s research focuses on the health impacts of traffic related air pollution. He is funded by the Asthma and LungUK Center for Applied Research on the IONA study exploring the health impacts of non-tailpipe air pollution on people living with asthma. His research focuses on the relationship between physical activity, air pollution and health effects.


James has particular interest in engaging the public in research, having engaged the public in over 50 events, including festivals, workshops, and has lead a citizen science programme empowering primary schools to measure air quality and health.


Previously James has lead research examining muscle function change as a result of prolonged load carriage by soldiers. 


Scales J, Coleman D, Brown M. (2022). Consecutive day load carriage decreases ability to mitigate Ground Reaction Force through reduction of ankle torque production. Applied Ergonomics 


Lea, J. W., O’Driscoll, J. M., Hulbert, S., Scales, J., & Wiles, J. D. (2022). Convergent validity of ratings of perceived exertion during resistance exercise in healthy participants: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Sports Medicine-Open8(1), 1-19.


*Colligan, G., *Tsocheva, I., *Scales, J., *Chavda, J., *Dove, R., Kalsi, H... & Griffiths, C. (2021). Investigating the impact of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone on children’s health: Children’s Health in London and Luton (CHILL): Protocol for a prospective parallel cohort study. medRxiv (* contributed equally)


Scales J, Coleman D, and Brown M (2021). Energy cost and knee extensor strength changes following multiple day military load carriage. Applied Ergonomics 


Scales J, O’Driscoll J, Coleman D, Giannoglou D, Gkougkoulis I, Ntontis I, Zisopoulou C, Brown M (2020). Center of Pressure, Vertical Ground Reaction Forces, and Neuromuscular Responses of Special-Forces Soldiers to 43-km Load Carriage in the Field. Journal of Applied Biomechanics


Scales J, O’Driscoll J, Coleman D, Brown M (2019). "Characteristics of torque production of the lower limb are significantly altered after 2 hours of treadmill load carriage." Translational Sports Medicine


McManus, A., Bembridge, M., Scales, J, Wiles, J., Coleman, D. and O'Driscoll, J., (2018). A 4-week resistance training intervention improves stability, strength and neuromuscular activity in the lower limb: a case study of a cerebral palsy adult. International Journal of Sports Science & Medicine


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