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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Mrs Emma Doohan


Programme Manager, ActEarly

Centre: Centre for Public Health & Policy



I started at QMUL in August 2021 as the London based programme manager for a UKPRP funded project ‘ActEarly’ActEarly is a 5 year research project focussing on upstream early life interventions to improve the health and opportunities for children living in two contrasting areas with high levels of child poverty: Braford and Tower Hamlets. My role is to help coordinate the work in London, connecting with Tower Hamlets local authority and developing our communications both with stakeholders and the wider community.

I previously worked for 10 years as a project manager on NICE public health guidelines, and then spent 5 years as a programme manager with the NIHR Research Design Service South East. Whilst at NICE I worked on the report for the WHO Commission on the Social Determinants of Health and I contributed to a number of research papers on this topic. I am excited to now be involved in a project whose aim is to promote a healthier, fairer future for children living in deprived areas.


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