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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Ms Billie-Jo Corfield

Primary Care Facilitator



I am a Primary Care Support Officer at Queen Mary’s Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG). I support practices to implement local incentive schemes and clinical improvement programmes using CEG data searches, templates and pop-up alerts. In addition, my role involves practice support visits to standardise data entry by using CEG clinical templates, searches and tools, run workshops and webinars, and support practices to reach their national and local targets.  

I build data-driven searches, smart templates and pop-up alerts that are used by GP practices across North East London to improve direct patient care.

Prior to joining the CEG (4 years ago) my roles were in GP practices as an assistant practice manager, health care assistant which included clinical administration, phlebotomy and much more. Being a part of primary care has given me the experience to understand the requirements for GP practices to be able to support them.


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