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Wolfson Institute of Population Health

Dr Andrew Harmer, MSc PhD


Senior Lecturer in Global Health Policy

Centre: Centre for Public Health & Policy

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7882 2512


I am a PhD in International Relations with expertise in global health governance, politics and policy. I am a HEA Fellow and currently employed as Senior Lecturer in Global Public Health in the Centre for Public Health and Policy. I am the Director of the Centre’s online MSc in Global Public Health. Prior to that, I was Director of the Centre’s BSc Global Health. I received my doctorate in 2006 from the University of Southampton, and since then have published widely on a range of global public health issues, including: global health partnerships, health systems strengthening in low and low-middle income countries, the role of emerging economies in global health, and climate change and health. I have taught at various universities in the United Kingdom and globally. I am also a keen blogger – you can read my posts at 




Research Interests:

  • Public health communication and fake news
  • Public health and the Green New Deal (with the health charity MEDACT)
  • The health impact of climate change


Please click through to see a complete list of Andrew's publications.

Outstanding publications

Harmer, A., Barker, R., Sharman, M., Collins, F., Eder, B. and Aked. H (2021) It’s time for the health community to back a Green New Deal. BMJ Opinion.

Harmer A, Van de Pas R, Eder B, Leetz A and Gepp S (2020) WHO should declare climate change a public health emergency. British Medical Journal 368:m797

Kennedy J, Harmer A, McCoy D (2018).  The political determinants of the cholera outbreak in Yemen. Lancet Global Health vol. 5, (10) e970-e971. 

Harmer, A., Lee, K. and Perry N. (2015) Global health education in the United Kingdom: A review of university undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and courses. Public Health 129: 797-809.

Harmer A., Missoni E., Tediosi F., and Xiao Y. (2013) BRICS without straw? A systematic review of the literature. ­Globalization and Health 9:15.

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