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Queen Mary Summer School

London History and Culture in Image and Film

An East London Building with 2 tube carriages above it.


Academic Lead: Eugene Doyen

Syllabus: SUM505E London History and Culture in Image and Film [PDF 76KB]

You will be studying London through visits, tours, talks, walks, screenings, events and from this develop your knowledge of the city and the town's history and culture. The scope of the study will be by period and locale with directed and self-directed study, so you are able to follow your own interests; history, politics, music, fashion, cinema, art, literature. This is a summer course for those who want to learn about London by seeing and experiencing it. The teaching will focus your research skills and your practical skills in photography and writing though practice-based workshops in photography, journalism and creative writing. 

Course content is subject to change.

Course aims

Learning outcomes: 

  • Knowledge of London History and Culture 
  • Training in practical photography for reportage and portraiture 
  • Training in journalistic and creative writing 
  • Directed and self-directed study in the humanities: history and culture 
  • Undertake, organize and plan work for practical projects: photography, writing 
  • Evidence critical and social engagement with historical and cultural topics 
  • Ability to study and research in an external environment 
  • Ability to produce photographic work to a set brief: reportage, portraiture 
  • Ability to write to a set topic for journalism and/or creative fiction 

Teaching and learning

Classes will be held Monday to Thursday 10 - 3 PM


Additional costs

All reading material will be provided online, so it is not necessary to purchase any books.

You will be required to pay your travel costs to and from any field trips.

For course and housing fees visit our finance webpage


Entry requirements

We welcome Summer School students from around the world. We accept a range of qualifications

How to apply

Have a question? Get in touch - one of the team will be happy to help!

Applications close 24 May 2024


Teaching dates
Session 2: 22 July - 8 August 2024
Course hours
150 hours (of which 48 will be contact hours)
Image Portfolio – 45 images (75%) Written Portfolio – 1500 words (25%)

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