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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Professor Marina Resmini


Professor of Materials Chemistry

Room Number: Room 1.05, Joseph Priestley building

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Advanced Practical Chemistry 1 (CHE301)
  • Professional Skills for Chemists (CHE401)
  • Advanced Biological Chemistry (CHE402)
  • Drug Design and Development (CHE406U)


Research Interests:

The main research interests of our group are currently focused on the development of novel functional nanomaterials with potential applications at the physical and life sciences interface. We use chemistry to confer special properties to materials to be used as drug delivery systems, catalysts and sensors.

In the area of drug delivery our clinical targets are cutaneous diseases, hair follicles and neural stem cells. In catalysis we are researching novel biomimetic systems by applying the molecular imprinting approach to different formats of nanoparticles. We have recently started working on the development of novel sensors for the detection and quantification of key components in coffee.

Research Department


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