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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Swarnendu Moitra


Pre-Doctoral Research Assistant on the SAVANT Project

Room Number: 2.38, Bancroft Building


Swarnendu Moitra is a cognitive neuroscientist working at the intersection of neuroscience, linguistics and data science. He is a part of the Queen Mary’s Experimental Linguistics Research Group and Morphemes & Meaning Lab. Swarnendu contributes to the SaVANT Project (Systematicity and Variation in Word Structure Processing Across Languages: A Neuro-Typology Approach), funded by ESRC with PI Linnaea Stockall and CO-I's: Dustin A. Chacón and Alec Marantz.

He is also a part of the London Neurolinguistics Summer School and Mentorship Team

Additionally, Swarnendu contributes to The Democratizing AI Project at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), working with Haim Dubossarsky on Natural Language Processing.




Moitra, Swarnendu, Dustin A. Chacón, & Linnaea Stockall. (2024). How long is long? Word length effects in reading correspond to minimal graphemic units: An MEG study in Bangla. PLOS ONE, 19(4), e0292979.

In progress:

Moitra, Swarnendu, Dustin A. Chacón, & Linnaea Stockall. Beyond the Left Hemisphere: MEG Evidence for Right Temporal Lobe recruitment in Processing Morphosyntax

Middleton, Hannah J. & Swarnendu Moitra. Impossible Numbers: Experimental Investigations into the Marked Values of Phi Features 

Guha, Ishani, Swarnendu Moitra & Paul Marty. Interaction between Word Order, Quantifier Scope and Lexical Information

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