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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

The SAVANT team organises the first SAVANT Summer School in Neurolinguistics

School students from 3 local schools will have the opportunity to attend the first SAVANT Summer School in Neurolinguistics that will take place at QMUL, 25-27 July.
After visits to the schools by the SAVANT team (PI: Linnaea Stockall, RAs: Swarnendu Moitra, Dave Cayado) and the project’s student ambassadors (Holly Warner, Rory Deary, Thomas Packer-Stucki), 9 school students will attend a three day Neurolinguistics Summer School. The school will be co-taught by Linnaea and QMUL alum Elisa Passoni, with technical support from Swarnendu. The students will be introduced to designing and running language experiments including running a complex neurolinguistic experiment using EEG to record brain activity. Read more details about the summer school here and about the SAVANT team and associates here.



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