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QM linguists present work at MIT for NELS 54 conference

QM linguists (current and past) were busy this weekend in Boston, USA, giving presentations at the 54th Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistics Society (NELS) 54 conference at MIT.

Queen Mary students and staff pictured together at NELS 54 conference.
David Adger gave a poster on "The geometry of successive cyclicity".
Adam Chong gave a talk on joint work with Coppe van Urk on "How to be a word in Atara Imere". 
PhD student, Oddur Snorrason gave talk with collaborators from Yale and Penn entitled "Resolution by case syncretism in Icelandic passives". 
PhD alumni, Tom Meadows (PhD 2024, now at U. of Geneva) gave a talk entitled "Size matters: clause structure and selective opacity in Swahili relatives."
It was also nice to reconnect with former MA students Margaret Wang (MA 2018) and Zhouyi Sun (MA 2021), both current PhD students at MIT.



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