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School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Information for new students

We look forward to welcoming you to the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS) at Queen Mary. Here is some useful information for new students starting September 2019.

Welcome Week

For new undergraduate, postgraduate and foundation year students, your Queen Mary degree starts with Welcome Week, which begins on Monday 16 September. Welcome Week is compulsory for all new undergraduates; you will find out important information on how to get the most out of your degree, including how to use the library and other learning resources, how you’ll be assessed, and what support and resources are available to you during your degree.

All new students will receive their Welcome Week timetable via email at the beginning of September 2019.

Watch our video to get some tips on starting at Queen Mary:

SBCS student handbook

You will receive a copy of the SBCS student handbook during Welcome Week. Your handbook contains important information on what to expect from your time at Queen Mary and what we expect from you. It is essential that you read this and save it for reference – it will be useful for you throughout your degree.

Campus Maps

Our campus maps will be helpful during Welcome Week and beyond. You can download them below:


You will receive an email from Queen Mary before you arrive with details on how to pre-enrol; you should follow the instructions in this email and complete pre-enrolment before you arrive. You will have a fixed slot for enrolling during Induction Week, which will be part of your Induction Week timetable. Find out more about pre-enrolment and enrolment.  

Queen Mary events during Induction Week

There are many university-wide events for new students that take place during Induction Week. These include academic sessions plus events run by Queen Mary Students’ Union (QMSU). QMSU organises Freshers’ Fair, where you can join over 300 societies, find out about volunteering opportunities and socialise with other students. The QMSU will get in touch with all new students before term starts.

Term dates

Term starts on Monday 16 September 2019 for new students. For the first few weeks of term you should be prepared to be at university full time. Throughout your degree you should check your timetable regularly because, unlike at school, there may be short notice changes. Term one ends on Friday 13 December 2019. Find out more about term dates.

International students

International students may want to read the international pages before arriving at Queen Mary. International students can book free transport from Heathrow airport to Mile End campus the weekend before Induction Week, and there are many social and cultural events organised specifically for international students. Find out more about getting the most out of Queen Mary as an international student.

Undergraduate Welcome Week Timetables 2019/20

Biochemistry: Biochemistry Welcome Week Timetable [PDF 579KB]

Biology: Biology Welcome Week Timetable [PDF 582KB]

Biomedical Sciences: Biomedical Science Welcome Week Timetable [PDF 590KB]

Chemistry: Chemistry Welcome Week Timetable [PDF 577KB]

Genetics: Genetics Welcome Week Timetable [PDF 581KB]

Medical Genetics: Medical Genetics Welcome Week Timetable [PDF 582KB]

Neuroscience: Neuroscience Welcome Week Timetable [PDF 595KB]

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics Welcome Week Timetable [PDF 584KB]

Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics: Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics Welcome Week Timetable [PDF 599KB]

Psychology: Psychology Welcome Week Timetable [PDF 584KB]

Zoology: Zoology Welcome Week Timetable [PDF 582KB]

Postgraduate Induction Timetables 2019/20

For students studying Aquatic Ecology by Research, Bioinformatics, Chemical Research, Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Freshwater and Marine Ecology, please download the induction schedule below:

For students studying Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation please download the induction schedule and reading list below and directions to Jodrell Gate, which you will need when visiting Kew for the first time.

Undergraduate Student Handbooks

Biochemistry students: Biochemistry Handbook [PDF 250KB]

Biology, Genetics, Medical Genetics and Zoology students: Biological Sciences Handbook [PDF 1,206KB]

Biomedical Sciences students: Biomedical Science Handbook [PDF 710KB]

Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Chemistry students: Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Chemistry Handbook [PDF 409KB]

Neuroscience students: Neuroscience Handbook [PDF 271KB]

Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics students: Pharmacology Innovative Therapeutics Handbook [PDF 401KB]

Psychology students: Psychology Handbook [PDF 699KB]

Postgraduate Student Handbook 2019/20

The handbook below is for all postgraduate students at SBCS.

Undergraduate Reading Lists 2019/20

New students are encouraged to make a start on the recommended reading materials for their course prior to the beginning of the academic year.

Undergraduate Reading Lists

Advice and Counselling Service

As you begin your time at Queen Mary, you may need specialist advice or counselling for personal issues, to help you adjust, or to help you sort your finances.  Find out more about what Queen Mary’s Advice and Counselling Service can offer you as a student, or watch the video below.  

Students with children

If you are a parent or about to become one, you may be eligible for extra financial support depending on your circumstances. Find out what financial help you might get from student finance (UK government student support), welfare benefits or Queen Mary, if you meet the eligibility criteria for these different types of funding. You can also access other resources you may find useful, such as our childcare guide.