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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences


We provide a wide range of services to support internal, external researchers and industry work including sample preparation, sample imaging as well as full project:

•      Sample preparation for cryo-EM

•      Cryo-grid screening for data collection

•      Single particle data processing

•      Ultrastructure of tissue or cells in suspension

•      immunolabelling

•      Freeze fracture and etching

•      Negatively staining of ECV and biological sample suspension

Please send the service request form to for cryo-EM related work or for room temperature TEM work.

Please refer to our Service-Level-Agreement-for-the-Transmission-Electron-Microscope-Facility.pdf [PDF 130KB]for further information about our services.

For internal users: 

Trained users can book equipment via iLab booking system:

If your project require routine use of TEM facility, we offer you training. Please contact us via iLab training request form under request service. 
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