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Becoming a Queen Mary Citizen

Becoming a Queen Mary Citizen

Queen Mary Citizenship is about contributing to the higher education community while exemplifying Our Values in Action. It gives us rights and responsibilities in equal measure: rights to the support of others within the community, responsibilities to uphold the reputation and demonstrate Our Values at Queen Mary.

Links marked with an asterisk (*) will need a Queen Mary login to access.

Our Values in Action

Our Values in Action is a framework that translates our Queen Mary Values into a description of the expectations that we should have of ourselves and of each other; of how we act and interact with each other every day.

When you join Queen Mary, you can also read more about how Our Values inform the work we do together on the Our Values in Action pages*.

Leading Together

At Queen Mary, we believe that leadership is a quality that we can all show, regardless of role. The Leading Together framework* is a tool for colleagues’ development which describes the behaviours – at every level of leadership – that demonstrate our Queen Mary Values.

Staff Networks

The community at Queen Mary is supported by many formal and informal networks, offering an opportunity for you to speak with others for whom this is a priority or interest. On the networks page, you will find details of the formal networks currently in place.

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