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New Staff

Your development

Your development

At Queen Mary, we value the development of our staff. We want everyone to be able to learn, grow and succeed as members of the University community.

Learning at Queen Mary

Staff development at the University is managed by the Queen Mary Academy, the Organisational and Professional Development team, and the E-Learning Unit.

Queen Mary Academy

The Queen Mary Academy delivers university-wide support for the development of education and research. We work with educators and researchers to develop and enhance their practice in teaching, learning, scholarship, research, and academic leadership.

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Organisational and Professional Development

The Organisational and Professional Development (OPD) team offers a wide range of development opportunities and vital training to staff working in all roles at Queen Mary.  This includes leadership and management development, skills training in subjects such as recruitment and appraisal, and support for wellbeing, among many other areas.

OPD also works with other teams to develop bespoke solutions and interventions according to their needs and ambitions, and supports areas undergoing changes such as restructure or reorganisation.

This team also coordinates our investment of Apprenticeship Levy funding into Qualification Programmes (staff apprenticeships), either for new staff recruited specifically as apprentices or existing staff taking advantage of this development resource.

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E-Learning Unit

The E-Learning Unit provides educational support and direction for e-learning applications, and engages with staff and students across all levels of the University.

They can help with support, training or advice on anything regarding the use of technology in teaching and learning – simple or complex, individual or faculty-wide, technical or pedagogic.

The E-Learning Unit also oversees Queen Mary’s institutional membership of LinkedIn Learning, a digital library of over 16,000 courses covering a wide range of technical, business, software, and creative topics. All members of the Queen Mary community can access this resource by logging in with their University username and password.

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