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Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS)

Dr Jonathan Filippon, MSc, PhD


Lecturer in Health Systems and the Political Economy of Health and Healthcare

Centre: Primary Care and Public Health

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 2510


Jonathan Filippon holds an MSc (University of São Paulo, Brazil) and a PhD in Public Health (Queen Mary University of London, UK). He has worked in clinical settings in South America and in the UK, mostly with public and mental health policies, primary care and vulnerable communities.

His research focuses on the broad aspects of the Political Economy of Health and Healthcare, ranging from health systems (universalist policies, health financing), health policy making and the effects of trade policies to healthcare services delivery and access.


Jonathan leads three modules related to Health Systems at Queen Mary: two onsite and one through Distance Learning (DL). There is an introduction to health systems theory and policy making module called Health Systems, Policy and Practice, which is delivered to MSc, iBSc and BSc students every first academic term. This same course is also delivered in a Distance Learning (DL) format as part of the online MSc in Global Public Health at Queen Mary. In the second term Jonathan delivers Health Systems, Policy and Political Economy where students explore contemporary health systems issues linked with the Political Economy of Health and Healthcare.


Research Interests:


  • Global Public Health Unit

Research groups: 

  • International Health and Political Economy of Health Research Group (IHPEH)
  • Health and Healthcare Working Group of the International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy (IIPPE)

Jonathan coordinates the International Health and Political Economy of Health (IHPEH) research group and the Working Group on Health and Healthcare of the International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy (IIPPE). Both groups are international networks of scholars that produce, debate and study various aspects of the Political Economy of Health and Healthcare and its effects to health and healthcare access.

Research interests

Health systems; health policies; socioeconomic indicators of health; the political economy of health and healthcare.

Research projects

Social Health Organizations in Brazil: in between public and private provision (partnership with UFES/Brazil)

Fiscal Federalism and Health (PhD co-supervision) 

Economic Crises and its effects in the healthcare workforce 

2008 Global Economic Crisis and its ongoing effects on European health systems (SSC4 projects) 

Universal Health Coverage in Africa – a critical view and comparison of 5 LIC countries (SSC4 project) 

The IMF and health policy making (ongoing review of IMF documents related to health systems)


Filippon J, Bremner S, Giovanella L, Pollock A. An ecological study of publicly funded elective hip arthroplasties in Brazil and Scotland: do access inequalities reinforce the inverse care law?. JRSM Open. 2020 May;11(5):2054270420920772.

Santos M, Filippon J, Mendes Á, Kondilis E. International Trade and Health Care in Brazil: An Unpredicted Tale Threatening Health Care Entitlement?. International Journal of Health Services. 2019 Apr;49(2):343-59.

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Toso BR, Filippon J, Giovanella L. Nurses' performance on primary care in the National Health Service in England. Revista brasileira de enfermagem. 2016 Feb;69(1):182-91.

Filippon, Jonathan. Slow and costly access to anonymised patient data impedes academic research. BMJ 2015; 351 doi: (Published 25 September 2015)

Filippon J. The opening of the national healthcare market to Foreign Direct Investment: effects of the global market in BrazilSaúde em Debate. 2015;39:1127-37.




  • Political Economy of Health and Healthcare
  • Access to healthcare services, trade and health