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South London Botanical Institute Speaker Series: Houseplant Fever

When: Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Where: West Norwood Library, 1-5 Norwood High Street, London SE27 9JX

Speaker: Giulia Carabelli

Join South London Botanical Institute at the West Norwood Library (or online) for our free talk with Dr. Giulia Carabelli and discover the importance of houseplants and their roles in building worlds.

Giulia Carabelli will discuss her ongoing research on houseplant as part of the South London Botanical Institute Lecture Series. She will introduce her “Care for Plants” project which was initiated in 2020 to research why humans embraced (or intensified) plant-care during lockdown – what various media commentators have addressed as the “Covid-19 houseplant craze”. Together, we will think about how houseplants can make a home at a time of crisis, the meanings of multispecies intimacy, and the role of vulnerability to enable transformative plant-human relationships. 

The talk is free and it will take place in West Norwood public library on 12 October at 7pm with the option to join remotely. 

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