FAQs - Graduation Ceremonies 2022

Frequently Asked Questions - Graduation Ceremonies January 2022

Please ensure you have read our Frequently Asked Questions!

General Information:

Q: When are graduation ceremonies for the class of 2020 and class of 2021 taking place?

A: The Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 Graduation Ceremonies will be taking place between Monday 10 and Friday 21 January 2022. Ceremonies will run Monday - Friday only. 

Q: Who is eligible to attend January graduation ceremonies?

A: All students who received their award in 2020 or 2021, or are due to receive their award in 2021, are eligible to attend graduation ceremonies in January. This includes undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students. If you are a postgraduate student and started your course in January 2021, you will be invited to attend a ceremony in Spring 2022, however if you have undertaken an accelerated 9 month course starting in January 2021 then you will be eligible to attend the ceremonies in January 2022. 

Q: Why is graduation happening at Tobacco Dock?

A: We will be holding these ceremonies in a new and exciting venue: Tobacco Dock in the East London district of Wapping, a vibrant venue buzzing with history and innovation that is very close to our Whitechapel and Mile End campuses.

Q: What plans are being put in place due to COVID-19?

A: The health, safety and wellbeing of our students, staff and visitors are our upmost priority. We will be sharing information with graduands before the event on any measures being put in place at the event. 


Q: When will I be able to book my place at my graduation ceremony?

A: Students from the class of 2020 and class of 2021 will be able to book to attend their ceremony when bookings open on Monday 13 September.

Q: What tickets are available for my graduation ceremony and how much do they cost?

A: Students will be able to purchase up to 2 guest tickets for the ceremony and up to 1 guest ticket for the live relay room when bookings open. At the point of booking students are able to register their interest in purchasing other guest tickets. When bookings close if there is availability for additional tickets then the Events and Ceremonies Team will inform students who have registered an interest in these. Additional tickets cannot be guaranteed. 

Student tickets are free of charge and include access to the ceremony, a graduation programme and access to the post ceremony reception (1 food item and 1 drink). Guest tickets for the ceremony are £25 each and include access to the ceremony, a graduation programme and access to the post ceremony reception (1 food item and 1 drink). Live relay tickets cost £15 each and cover access to the live relay for 1 adult and two children under 5 years of age. Live relay tickets include access to the live relay, a graduation programme and access to the post ceremony reception (no food or drink included but it will be possible to purchase on the day.) 

Q: What information will I need when I book my tickets?

A: You will require your Student ID number (9 digit number printed on your student ID card) in order to book tickets. You will also require a Credit/Debit card to make payment for gown hire and for any guest tickets you wish to purchase.

Q: How many guest tickets can I purchase?

A: Students can book up to 2 guest tickets for the ceremony and 1 ticket for the live relay when bookings open on Monday 13 September. When booking, students can register their interest in purchasing additional tickets. Once the booking deadline is reached, the Events and Ceremonies Team will determine if there is availability for students to purchase additional tickets. Students will be contacted after the booking deadline with information about extra tickets.

Q. How do I purchase extra tickets?

Information about extra tickets can be found here.

Q: I’m a Joint Honours student. Which ceremony should I attend?

A: You should graduate with your “home” school which is the main school you are registered with for your course. You can find this information on your MySis account or by contacting the Student Enquiry Centre.

Q. I am not sure if I am being awarded a degree from Queen Mary or the University of London. How do I find out?

A: If you are not sure of your awarding body please log into your MySIS Accountand click on the Research Student Details link (postgraduate research) or View My Details - non research (all other students) under the My Details menu. Your awarding body will be displayed on this page.

Q: How do I receive my tickets?

A: Tickets for the graduation ceremony are e-tickets. Students will receive their tickets at minimum 48 hours before their ceremony. E-tickets will be sent to the email address used when booking to attend the ceremony so ensure you use an email which you will have access to in January. Students will also receive their guest tickets and live relay tickets which they can forward onto their guests. Every individual entering Tobacco Dock will need to show their e-ticket and have this scanned by a member of staff on arrival.

Q: My payment for booking did not complete. What should I do?

A: Please double check you have entered your card details correctly. Some types of credit card and cards registered abroad can be declined by the booking system so we advise you to try an alternative card. Please note that your booking is NOT confirmed until the payment is successfully processed and you receive a confirmation email. If you are still having trouble, you can use the Live Chat facility on the ‘Your Graduation’ website, or email or can also telephone 01264 339 706

Q. I want to change my booking. Can I do this?

A: Yes, simply log back into the Your Graduation website and you can amend your booking. If you wish to make any amendments after the booking deadline, then please contact will arrange if possible.

Q. I missed the deadline and I have joined the waiting list. What happens next?

A. Students joining the waiting list will be contacted as soon as possible with an update. To help the Events and Ceremonies Team deal with late requests, we encourage you not to follow up with further emails and phone calls after adding yourself to the waiting list.  

Q: I cannot attend this graduation ceremony. What should I do?

Please click here for what to do if you are unable to attend your graduation ceremony.

Q: Can children attend the ceremony?

Q: We regret that children under five years of age cannot be admitted to watch the ceremony in the ceremony room. However, we do provide a Live Relay Theatre where children under five and parents can watch the ceremony live on a screen. For further information see our Book Your Tickets section . All guests inside the ceremony have to have their own seat and ticket. Children on laps are not permitted.

Q: I can no longer attend. Can I get a refund?

A: Tickets purchased for Queen Mary graduation ceremonies are non-refundable. The only exception to this policy is that refunds will be issued in the case of academic failure by the student due to graduate or in extenuating circumstances. For further information on how to get a refund click here.

Q: I am an international student hoping to come to the UK for my graduation ceremony.

A: Please refer to our information about visas here.

Q. I have received my results – do I need to contact you?

A. If you have passed your final examinations and have been awarded a final classification you do not need to contact us. Your results will be passed to us and you will be allocated a place in the ceremony. If your results mean you will not be graduating you may contact us to organise a refund and discuss graduating at a later date.  Refund requests after the deadline date cannot be processed. For further information on how to get a refund click here.

Q: I have forgotten to book photos. What should I do?

A:We do advise that you book your photographs before the day. However, photographs can be purchased on the day so please don’t panic if you have forgotten to book them in advance. To find out more about photography packages, please contact Your Graduation via email at or phone 01264 339 706. 

On the day:

Q: Myself or one of my guests has accessibility requirements. What should I do?

A: When you book your tickets online there is a box where you can provide these details for either yourself or your guest. Please see our On the day section for further details.

Q: Is parking available on site?

A: There is no parking available on site at Tobacco Dock, however there is a car park opposite the venue. Spaces can be pre-booked through the car park website.

Q: When will I receive my degree certificate?

A: Certificates will be sent to all students when their awards are conferred. Certificates will not be distributed at the ceremony. Please note that certificates are managed by the Student Records Team who can be contacted at

Q: Where do I need to go, and when do I need to arrive on the day?

Please read the On the day section of this site for full details. Details will also be emailed to you before the day. 

Q: What should I wear?

A: Graduation ceremonies are formal occasions and we ask that graduands and their guests dress appropriately. Please see our On the day section for further information.

Q: Will I be seated with my guests?

A: Graduands and guests will be seated separately as they need to cross the stage in a specific order determined by their school, course, award and name. All seating is allocated. 

Q: How long is a ceremony?

A: Each ceremony will last between 1.5 and 2 hours. Ceremonies will be followed by a reception. Graduands are encouraged to arrive 2 hours before their ceremony starts to collect tickets and gowns.

Q: Can guests join me for photography if they do not have tickets?

A: Only ticket holders are permitted access to the venue. The only exception are guests purchasing tickets on the day (if there are tickets available.)