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FAQs - Graduation Ceremonies 2023

Frequently Asked Questions - Graduation Ceremonies April 2023

Q: When will I be able to book my place at my graduation ceremony?  
Bookings will open Monday 20 February 2023. 

Q: How do I book my ceremony and guest tickets?  
A: When bookings open on Monday 20 February 2023 you will be able to book your place by visiting and following instructions on the page. Please ensure you check the schedule  for the time of your ceremony to speed up your booking process.  

Q: I've booked Graduation. What do I do now?  
A:  For information on your next steps for Graduation, please see our on the day information.

Q: Am I able to apply for the Gradfund this year?  
A: The Graduation Fund aims to support Queen Mary students who are facing financial hardship with the cost of graduation. The fund covers the cost of cap and gown hire and is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It primarily aims to support students who otherwise could not afford the cost of attending graduation and we particularly encourage applications from students not in contact with their family (estranged), students who are parents or carers and students from lower income backgrounds. Information about Gradfund is available online, applications open Monday 13 February.

Q: What tickets are available for my graduation ceremony and how much do they cost? 
A: Students will be able to purchase 2 guest tickets for the ceremony. Students can register an interest in purchasing additional tickets for guests. Please note, only students who register interest in additional tickets will be eligible to purchase extra tickets if they are made available. Once the booking window has passed if additional tickets are available then students will be informed. Additional tickets cannot be guaranteed.   
Student tickets are free of charge and include access to the ceremony, a graduation programme and access to the post ceremony reception (1 food item and 1 drink). Guest tickets for the ceremony are £25 each and include access to the ceremony, a graduation programme and access to the post ceremony reception (1 food item and 1 drink). Live relay tickets cost £5 each and cover access to the live relay for 1 adult and two children under 5 years of age. Live relay tickets include access to the live relay, a graduation programme and access to the post ceremony reception (no food or drink included but it will be possible to purchase on the day.) If you would like to purchase programmes for your guests, these will be available to purchase on the day of your ceremony, or in advance when you purchase your tickets.

Q: What information will I need when I book my tickets?  
A: You will require your Student ID number (9 digit number printed on your student ID card) in order to book tickets. You will also require a Credit/Debit card to make payment for gown hire and for any guest tickets you wish to purchase.  

Q: Who can attend the April 2023 Graduation ceremonies? 
A: These ceremonies are primarily for January intake postgraduate students and postgraduate research students from schools who deliver January intake programmes.

Exceptions are made for students who have deferred their attendance from a previous ceremony round to attend the April 2023 ceremonies if they are from one of the below schools:

  • School of Business and Management
  • School of Economics and Finance
  • School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
  • Centre for Commercial and Corporate Law
  • School of Mathematical Sciences
  • William Harvey Institute
  • Institute of Health Sciences Education

Those from schools who do not offer January intake programmes are required to defer to attend ceremonies in July or winter.

Q: Where will the April 2023 Graduation ceremonies be held? 
A: The April 2023 Graduation ceremonies will be held in the People’s Palace, Mile End Campus.

Q: What ticket types are available?  
A: You can view information about ticket types here.

Q: How many guest tickets can I purchase?  
A: Students can book up to 2 guest tickets for the ceremony and 1 ticket for the live relay when bookings open. When booking, students can register their interest in purchasing additional tickets. Once the booking deadline is reached, the Events and Ceremonies Team will determine if there is availability for students to purchase additional tickets.  

Q: How do I purchase extra tickets? 
A: Students will be contacted after the booking deadline with information about extra tickets.  

Q: My payment for booking did not complete. What should I do? 
A: Please double check you have entered your card details correctly. Some types of credit card and cards registered abroad can be declined by the booking system so we advise you to try an alternative card. Please note that your booking is NOT confirmed until the payment is successfully processed and you receive a confirmation email. If you are still having trouble, you can use the Live Chat facility on the ‘Your Graduation’ website, or email or can also telephone 01264 339 706.

Q: I want to change my booking. Can I do this? 
A: Yes, simply log back into the Your Graduation website and you can amend your booking. If you wish to make any amendments after the booking deadline, then please contact who will arrange if possible.

Q: I missed the deadline to book and I have joined the waiting list. What happens next? 
A: Students are asked to allow up to 10 working days for Queen Mary University of London to confirm if their waiting list order can be converted to a full order. If students can convert their waiting list order to a complete order instructions on how to do this will be sent to the student via email. Students are asked to monitor the email they used to sign up to the waiting list as this email will be the one used to provide updates. Students are encouraged to not chase waiting list updates as doing so will only slow our response time. 
Please note, once bookings are closed guest tickets can no longer be guaranteed as student spaces need to be prioritised. 
We advise students do not make travel arrangements for themselves / guests until confirmation is received.

Q: I cannot attend this graduation ceremony. What should I do? 
Please visit our 'I can't attend' page for what to do if you are unable to attend your graduation ceremony.

Q: Are children permitted to attend graduation? 
A: Children under the age of 5 are not permitted to enter the ceremony hall and are recommended to sit in the live relay theatre. Graduates who are parents or guardians of a child under the age of 5 can contact the Events and Ceremonies Team at to enquire about specific tickets available.

Q: I can no longer attend. Can I get a refund? 
A: Tickets purchased for Queen Mary graduation ceremonies are non-refundable. The only exception to this policy is that refunds will be issued in the case of academic failure by the student due to graduate, or in the event of industrial action. Further information on how to get a refund is available online.

Q: I can no longer attend. I would like to defer.  
A: Please defer using our deferral form. 

Q: I can no longer attend and would like to transfer my ticket to another student, is this possible?  
A: Re-sale or passing on tickets to other graduates is not permitted. Any re-sold or passed on tickets will be removed at check-in and guests will not be able to use them. Each guest ticket is specifically designated to a student ID and is not transferable.  

Q: I am an international student hoping to come to the UK for my graduation ceremony. 
A: Please refer to our information about visas.

Q: I haven't received my results – do I need to contact you? 
A: If you have passed your final examinations and have been awarded a final classification you do not need to contact us. Your results will be passed to us and you will be allocated a place in the ceremony. If your results mean you will not be graduating you may contact us to organise a refund and discuss graduating at a later date.  Refund requests after the deadline date cannot be processed. 

Q: I have been awarded a prize. Will my prize be read out at graduation? 
A: The Education Quality and Standards Board state that only College prizes, named prizes and externally sponsored prizes are read at graduation ceremonies. Whilst other prizes can be awarded to students these are not called out at graduation.

Q: I have forgotten to book photos. What should I do? 
A: We do advise that you book your photographs before the day. However, photographs can be purchased on the day so please don’t panic if you have forgotten to book them in advance. To find out more about photography packages, please contact Your Graduation via email at or phone : 01264 339 706. 

Q: I have a question to ask about my gown. Who do I contact?  
A: Please contact who will be able to assist. 

Q: Where can I find out more about the Queen Mary alumni community? 
A: Visit the alumni stand in the Graduate Centre to meet members of the Alumni Engagement team and find out more about our global alumni community.

Q: Where can I apply for an Alumni Extra Card during graduation? 
A: Alumni Extra Cards will not be available during graduation. However, you can apply for an Alumni Extra Card online. 

On the day:

Q: Myself or one of my guests has accessibility requirements. What should I do? 
A: When you book your tickets online there is a box where you can provide these details for either yourself or your guest. Please see our On the Day webpage for further details. If you have forgotten to note this when bookings were open, please email and ask them to update this for you.

Q: Is parking available on site? 
A: Parking is only available to those who are blue badge holders who request parking before the booking deadline. Parking can be requested on the graduation booking form when you book your tickets online. If you have forgotten to note this when bookings were open, please email and ask them to update this for you.

Q: When will I receive my degree certificate? 
A: Certificates will be sent to all students when their awards are conferred. Certificates will not be distributed at the ceremony. Please note that certificates are managed by the Student Records Team who can be contacted at

Q: Where do I need to go, and when do I need to arrive on the day? 
Please read the On the Day section of this site for full details. Details will also be emailed to you before the day. 

Q: What should I wear? 
A: Graduation ceremonies are formal occasions and we ask that graduands and their guests dress appropriately. Please see our  On the Day section for further information.

Q: Will I be seated with my guests? 
A: Graduands and guests will be seated separately as they need to cross the stage in a specific order determined by their school, course, award and name. All seating is allocated. 

Q: How long is a ceremony? 
A: Each ceremony will last between 1 and 1.5 hours. Ceremonies will be followed by a reception. Graduands are encouraged to arrive 2 hours before their ceremony starts to collect tickets and gowns.

Q: Can guests join me for photography if they do not have tickets? 
A: Yes, family members may join you for photography if they do not have a ceremony ticket. 

Q: I am worried that transport strikes will be announced and I will not be able to attend my ceremony 
A: Should new strikes be announced, information will be available online via the TFL website and National Rail website

We understand that strikes are worrying for some of you who may find it difficult to reach London if you were planning on using public transport. In case industrial action is planned, we have provided a list of car parks which are in close proximity to campus which may be helpful if you are able to travel to London by car.

We understand that even with other transport options being available, some of our students and their guests may not be able to make it to their graduation ceremony, should strikes be announced. Students / guests who are no longer able to attend due to strikes may request refunds. Please email your full name and student ID number to requesting a refund. The deadline to request refunds is Midday Monday 1 May 2023. Further information about what you can do if you can no longer attend graduation can be found here

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