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CSO member distributing masks in India. Credit: Anurag Singh Pandemic, CSOs, and Collaboration - Perspectives from India blog
26 April 2021

Dr. Feroz Khan, Abhishek YadavDr. Sadananda Sahoo explore some of the key collaborations that CSOs in India have established during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Border Brazil Venezuela Closing borders, limiting protection - mobility in times of COVID-19 in Brazil blog
22 April 2021

Dr. Gisela P. Zapata, Dr Flavia R. Castro and Dr. Marcia Vera Espinoza discuss the consequences of border closures in Brazil in the context of the pandemic and some of the responses by Civil Society Organisations. 

Collaboration and solidarity. Credits: Tim Mossholder/Unsplash Solidarities and New Partnerships during the Pandemic - CSOs in Brazil and India Counter Funding Restrictions and Changing Demands blog
15 April 2021

Researchers Benedetta ZocchiEkta Oza and Nuni Jorgensen discuss how CSOs working with migrants and refugees in India and Brazil were compelled to diversify their traditional sources of funding and foster new solidarity initiatives during the pandemic. 

Migrant worker in Bangalore. Credit: Ekta Mittal Migration, Pandemic and Civil Society: Reflections on online fieldwork in India blog
9 April 2021

Speaking to Suyash Barve, Policy Associate at Global Policy Institute, researcher Abhishek Yadav discusses the impact CSOs had during the lockdown as well as some practical fieldwork challenges he faced.   

Indian migrant workers return home at a railway station during the national coronavirus lockdown Migration, Pandemic and Responses from the Third Sector - Lessons from Brazil and India blog
22 February 2021

Covid-19 endangers everyone everywhere - but the pandemic surely also reveals the great inequalities and fragilities that exist in societies. In developing countries, social and economic differences that have long existed are now starker than ever. Professor Parvati Nair and Dr. Marcia Vera Espinoza describe how few countries present the dramatic effects unleashed by the pandemic as clearly as two giants of the global south, Brazil and India.

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