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School of Geography

Ekta Oza


PhD student



PhD Project: Growing up under Military Occupation: everyday experiences, resistance and citizenship for children and young people in India-occupied Kashmir

Research Interests: geographies of childhood, psychoanalysis, peace and conflict studies, ethnographic research methods


  • Professor Catherine Nash, School of Geography, QMUL
  • Professor Philippa Williams, School of Geography, QMUL


  • QMUL Principal Studentship
  • QMUL Postgraduate Research Fund

Academic background

MA Psychology (Psychosocial-Clinical Studies), Ambedkar University, Delhi, India


  • Hadfield-Hill, S., Finn, M., Dudman, J., Ergler, C., Freeman, C., Hayes, T. A., Jarman, P., Leon, L., Lazaro, M. C., Niusulu, A., Oza, E., Robson, E., Rosen, R. L., Schaaf, M., Susana, T., Tanielu, H. and Walker, L. (2023) Expanding our scope of ethics with children and young people – six viewpoints. Children’s Geographies
  • Williams and Kamra with Johar, Kumar, Matin Khan and Oza (2021) No Room for Dissent: Domesticating WhatsApp, Digital Private Spaces and Lived Democracy in India. Antipode
  • Nair, P., Vera Espinoza, M., Zapata, G.P., Tiwary, S., Castro F.R., Nizami, A., Jorgensen, N., Yadav, A., Oza, E., Khan, F., Ranjan, R., Zochi, B., Barve, S., and Barraco, M. (2021) Migration, Pandemic and Responses from the Third Sector: Lessons from Brazil and India. QMUL: London.
  • Oza, E (2021) Of Closures and Beginnings: A Phenomenological Study of My Familial Relationships. Journal of Practical Philosophy, 2 (1).

Conference Presentations

‘Social Media Affect and Everyday Digital-Political Life in India’, RAI Anthropology and Geography, London, UK, 14-18 September 2020.

‘Understanding the Self and the Other through Technology’, Urban ARC 2018 - City and Technology, Indian Institute of Human Settlements, Bangalore, India, 11-13 January 2018.

Research Work at Queen Mary:

Research Assistant, project title: ‘Migration, Pandemic and Responses from the Third Sector: Lessons from Brazil and India’ (February – April 2021), with Project Leads Dr Marcia Vera Espinoza (School of Geography) and Professor Parvati Nair (School of Languages, Linguistics and Film), MigPanBrIn.



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