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School of Geography

Uneven development, production, and labour

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Researchers in this sub-theme are economic geographers. Research by Konstantinos Melachroinos is on regional economic growth, evolution of spatial disparities, and the formulation of policies for the reduction of geographic inequalities. More recently, Konstantinos has focused on the role of foreign direct investment in promoting economic development in lagging regions and the territorial effects of the knowledge economy. The regions in which he conducts research are in Great Britain, the European Union, China and the OECD countries.

Gale Raj-Reichert has focused her research on labour governance in the electronics industry global production network/global value chain. More recently, Gale is engaged in research on the effects of socially responsible procurement on labour conditions in developing countries. Much of her research is focused on the Southeast Asia region (Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Vietnam).

Adrian Smith undertakes research on labour, global production networks, economic (in)security, and the restructuring of industries in post-socialist East-Central Europe and North Africa. His research interests focus on the relations between uneven development and political economy.

Adrian Smith and Gale Raj-Reichert are also members of the QMUL Centre on Labour and Global Production.

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