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School of Geography

Economy, Development and Social Justice

We challenge conventional geographical and sub-disciplinary boundaries, bringing together the insights of political economy, social geography, and a hybrid economic and development geography in our work that often connects the global North, South, East and West.

View of a Mumbai slum.

The Economy, Development and Social Justice research theme consists of the following members:

  • Kavita Datta - migration, gender and development; migrant financial practices related to remittances, philanthropy, credit and debt; digital financial inclusion
  • Sam Halvorsen - Grassroots urban politics, social movements, political parties, territory, Latin America
  • Jon May - food banks; welfare change/restructuring; asylum; destitution; homelessness; urban marginality
  • Konstantinos Melachroinos - knowledge infrastructure and regional innovation in the European South; Foreign Direct Investment, local economic development
  • William Monteith - Informal and precarious work; marketplaces; urban sociality; ethnography; Africa
  • Alastair Owens - Historical geographies of wealth and inequality; family, home and material culture; London since 1800
  • Adrian Smith - economic geography; macro-regional integration and uneven development; global value chains and development; labour standards implementation; free trade agreements and sustainable development
  • Philippa Williams - Citizenship, development and identity in India; India‚Äôs new economy; geographies of peace; material politics of transnational identities
  • Sydney Calkin
  • Carlo Inverardi-Ferri
  • Pooya Ghoddousi
  • Ana Laura Zavala Guillen
  • Hannah Schling
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