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School of Geography

Just Worlds

Our researchers share a commitment to understanding how geography shapes and structures multiple forms of justice and injustice with a view to creating more just worlds. As such our research is guided by an activist ethos that bridge a theory and practice, something we do through diverse collaborations and participation with civil society and social movements. Our approach to the geographies of justice is grounded in an ethic that works towards decolonising the geopolitics of knowledge production, especially through a long-term commitment to working with scholars and activists in the global souths. We are organised around three core sub-themes, although these are inter-related and not distinct areas of research.

The Just Worlds research theme consists of the following members:


Sydney Calkin

Kavita Datta

Archie Davies 

James Esson

Sam Halvorsen 

Carlo Inveradri-Ferri 

Jon May

Konstantinos Melchroinos

William Monteith

Elsa Noterman

Alastair Owens

Niranjana Ramesh 

Elizabeth Storer

Philippa Williams


PhD Researchers

Shruti Arora

Louisa Brain

Estelle Broyer

Nini Jorgensen

Amelia Kramer

Victoria Leon-Porath

Sam Moir-Smith

Sofia Negri

Deivi Norbeg

Ekta Oza

Natasha Sharma

Melisa Slep

Jacob Stringer

Ansar Ullah

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