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School of Geography

Work, Finance, and Migration

Research in this area explores the activities, relationships and institutions through which people make a living in diverse economies while maintaining connections to places much further afield. We examine the interrelationships between people and places across different regions of the world, with a theoretical emphasis on thinking from the global South.

Theme members are engaged in projects on the diverse financial practices of migrants in the UK (Kavita Datta), the financialisation of remittance recipients in Senegal and Ghana (Vincent Guermond), the dynamics of the global remittance marketplace (Kavita Datta, Dora-Olivia Vicol) and the everyday materiality of immigration/emigration states (Philippa Williams). A key focus of our research also concerns practices of in/formal work, specifically the lived experiences of informal work among refugees and market vendors in Uganda (William Monteith) and worker agency in the new service economy and on-demand economy in India (Philippa Williams, Aditya Ray, Kavita Dattani).

Our research is animated by questions of equity, value and care. We draw upon a diverse range of methods with an emphasis on participatory and ethnographic approaches. Current research partners and collaborators include the Urban Action Lab (UAL) in Kampala, the Runnymede Trust and London International Development Centre as well as the Centre for the Study of Migration at QMUL. Theme members have recently participated in research and cultural exchanges with the Architekturmuseum in Munich (William Monteith) and the Tate Modern in London (Kavita Datta).

Forthcoming research projects examine the social and economic characteristics of the ‘post-wage economy’ in London and Kampala (William Monteith) and the everyday work-lives of Mumbai’s gig workers (Philippa Williams).

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