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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Margaret-Ann Withington


Research Student

Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 217


Project title:  Theory and modelling of high-temperature liquids for environmental applications

Supervisor: Professor Kostya Trachenko

Content:  The state of a mixture can be defined as a solid, liquid or gas. Until recently, beyond the critical point there was not a way to distinguish between whether a substance was in a gaseous or liquid state. The proposed distinction is the Frenkel line. The research project aims to computationally model the thermodynamic properties of supercritical fluids at temperatures and pressures difficult for experiments. From these properties the Frenkel line can be defined to separate the liquid and gas states from one another. The supercritical fluids which are being modelling have applications in a wide range of industries such as nuclear, chemical and pharmaceuticals.


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