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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Bruno Von Bruening


Research Student

Centre: Centre for Compressed Matter Physics

Room Number: G.O JOnes, First Floor


Project Title: Machine Learning supported Polarizable Force Field featuring conformational flexibility of intermolecular terms and anisotropic short-range repulsion

Content:  I am a doctoral researcher supervised by Alston Misquitta. I was recruited as part of the MSCA Doctoral Network PHYMOL ( and will collaborate with the Piquemal group at Sorbonne Université and the Tkatchenko group at Université de Luxembourg. I obtained a Master's degree in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modeling at KU Leuven and a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry at the University of Regensburg. Our research project is funded by the UKRI.  Our research aims at the development of a next-generation Polarizable Force Field synergising the best currently available physical models and Machine Learning methods. Eventually, the Force Field is supposed to be implemented in the Tinker-HP package in collaboration with fellow doctoral candidates in the network.
Innovations concerning short-range repulsion and the response of the intermolecular potential to intramolecular conformational change are a major focus of our project.

Funding:  The project is fully funded by the UKRI.





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