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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Sarah Alsharif


Research Student

Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 214


Project title: A study on organic/inorganic hybrid photodetectors

Supervisor: Dr Theo Kreouzis

Contents: Photodetectors have emerged recently as a potential solution for power generation windows, electronic devices that are self-powered flexible, and wearable, power-saving display systems, developing integrated photovoltaics, e-vehicles charging, satellites, and spacecraft applications, and solar lighting. However, devices based on organic/inorganic hybrid films have attracted extensive interest due to their high mechanical stability and availability of multiple routes to control the interface morphologies coupled with good electron transport properties of inorganic electron acceptors. The aim of this work is to increase the quantum efficiency for different hybrid devices based on the composites P3HT/TiO2, P3HT/BN, and P3HT/ B4C to detect a wide spectral range from visible light to X-ray.





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