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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Dr Stoichko Dimitrov


Lecturer in Chemistry

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 8884
Room Number: Room 1.14, Joseph Priestley Building


Stoichko was appointed as Lecturer in Chemistry at Queen Mary in September 2019, where he leads a group in Photochemistry and Photophysics of functional nanomaterials and semiconductors. He has previously held positions as a research associate in the group of Prof James Durrant FRS at Imperial College London and Ser Cymru Fellow at the College of Engineering of Swansea University, investigating the nature of the excited state dynamics at organic donor-acceptor interfaces. He has also worked at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and at a start-up company developing photocatalytic water treatment reactors. Stoichko’s PhD degree is in ultrafast laser spectroscopy of nanomaterials and DNA, completed at Boston College, USA in 2010. He has an integrated MSc degree from Sofia University, Bulgaria with a thesis focused on light induced complexation of photochromic dyes.

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Research Interests:

We are an experimental Photochemistry and Photophysics group, which utilises a range of experimental tools to develop novel functional nanomaterials and semiconductors predominantly for solar energy harvesting technologies. Our interest is in understanding the response of materials on the femtosecond to millisecond timescales to light absorption and the implications for material’s performance in devices like photovoltaics. Our approach is to use time-resolved laser spectroscopy techniques like transient absorption and photoluminescence spectroscopy in combination with material and device fabrication to discover new opportunities for material performance enhancement.

Our group is particularly interested in exploring new approaches to control the excited state dynamics and diffusion in organic and perovskite semiconductors, which are key processes for the function of solar energy harvesting and optoelectronic devices. We are also interested in the potential of using optical spectroscopy techniques to predict material performance. We collaborate extensively with synthetic chemists and engineers from Queen Mary, the University of Cambridge, UCL, Imperial College and Swansea University to develop new processes and materials.


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Take a look at Dr Stoichko Dimitrov's Google Scholar citations

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PhD supervision

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