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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Dr Peter Wyatt


Senior Lecturer

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 3267
Room Number: Room 1.10, Joseph Priestley building

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Essential Skills for Chemists (Tutorials) (CHE100)
  • Practical Chemistry (CHE211)
  • Organic Synthesis (CHE302U)
  • Bioorganic Chemistry (CHE307)
  • Advanced Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy (CHE308U)
  • Advanced Practical Chemistry 2 (CHE311)
  • Drug Design and Development (CHE406U)
  • Chemistry/Pharmacetucial Chemistry MSci Research Project (CHE751)


Research Interests:

Peter Wyatt has over 20 years experience of research in organic synthesis, including the chemical synthesis of analogues of biologically important molecules, especially unusual amino acids, plant polyphenols, carbohydrates and phosphonic acid derivatives.

Current areas of work are as follows:

  • Structure-activity studies of synthetic polyphenols designed to protect against heart disease
  • Preparation of light emitting lanthanide complexes based on fluorine-containing organic ligands
  • Reaction of aspartic and glutamic acid derivatives with organometallic nucleophiles
  • Preparation and reactivity of alkynyl C-glycosides
  • Stereoselective addition reactions of unsaturated phosphonates.

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Research department

  • Chemistry


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