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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Dr Matthew Buican


Royal Society University Research Fellow

Telephone: 020 7882 3462
Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 601


I am a theoretical physicist. I received my AB in Physics from Harvard University and my PhD in Physics from Princeton University. I was a postdoc at CERN, Rutgers University, and The University of Chicago before joining the academic staff at QMUL.


In 2017-18, I created a course called "Supersymmetric Methods in Theoretical Physics" (see here). I also taught it in 2018-19, 2019-20, and I am teaching it again in 2020-21.

The basic idea is to give a course in supersymmetry that emphasizes the simplest settings in which general principles emerge rather than studying SUSY as an extension of the Standard Model (although this topic is interesting in its own right!). Some of the areas to be covered include the Witten index, N=2 SUSY quantum mechanics (SQM), N=(2,2) SQM, and various applications (e.g., to understanding dynamics of quantum mechanical systems, Berry's phase, etc.). The last part of the module will cover 3D SUSY theories and some of the remarkable dualities that emerge.

I have also supervised 4 MSci projects, 1MSc project, and 4 BSci projects. The general area of study is the physics of anyons and emergent phenomena. I am also supervising a Euromasters project this coming year.


Research Interests:

• Various aspects of boundary conformal field theory (BCFT) and CFTs with defects. I have organized several workshops on these topics: a 2017 workshop at Chicheley Hall sponsored by the Royal Society, a 2019 workshop at the Perimeter Institute. I am also organizing an upcoming workshop in 2021 at the MITP in Mainz.

• Non-perturbative aspects of Superconformal Field Theories (SCFTs) and Supersymmetric Renormalization Group flows in various dimensions

• Conformal manifolds and exactly marginal deformations of SCFTs

• Relations between conformal manifolds and moduli spaces of vacua

• Emergent / accidental symmetries in Quantum Field Theory (QFT)

• Hidden operator algebras in QFT

• Relations between Topological Field Theories (TQFTs) and CFTs

• Understanding topological and analytic properties of the space of QFTs

• New microscopic models for CFTs in various dimensions

• Hitchin Systems, M5 branes, and SCFTs in 3D and 4D

• Complete characterization of global symmetry in TQFTs

• Topological quantum computation

Examples of research funding:

My grants / recent awards

• Royal Society University Research Fellowship Renewal (£389,096.39); this grant will partly support an associated postdoctoral position (starting in the 2020-2021 acadmic year)

• STFC consolidated grant 2017-2020 (approx £700,000); with CRST group

• Grant to host BUSSTEPP@50 at QMUL from STFC (approx £105,000); with R. Monteiro, C. Papageorgakis, and R. Russo

• Royal Society Enhancement Award, "New Aspects of Conformal and Topological Field Theories Accross Dimensions"  (£103,067); this grant will support an associated PhD position (starting October 2018), visitor's program, and computer cluster

• "Argyres-Douglas Theories, S1 Reductions, and Topological Symmetries" (written in collaboration with Dr. Takahiro Nishinaka) was recently included in the  Journal of Physics A Highlights of 2016 Collection

• Royal Society University Research Fellowship, "New Constraints and Phenomena in Quantum Field Theory" (£424,857)


See here


PhD Projects

•  Algebraic operations on topological quantum field theory (TQFT)

•  Microscopic Models for New Rational Conformal Field Theories

•  New Constraints on the Supersymmetric Renormalization Group Flow in Three and Four Dimensions

•  Infinite Dimensional Symmetries and QFT in d > 2


Some Selected Talks

  • 5/2019, Workshop on Beyond Rationality 2 (Woudschoten, Netherlands), "Galois Actions and QFT"
  • 10/2018, Workshop on Non-perturbative Effects in Supersymmetric Field Theories (Natal, Brazil), "Flowing from 16 to 32 Supercharges" (video)
  • 7/2018, Workshop on Supersymmetric Theories, Dualities and Deformations (Bern, Switzerland), “Flowing from 16 to 32 Supercharges” (video)
  • 5/2018, GGI Workshop on Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theories in the Non-Perturbative Regime (Florence, Italy), “Duality and Generalized Duality"
  • 4/2018, Oxford String Theory Seminar, “Duality and Generalized Duality"
  • 4/2017, Joint SISSA/ICTP Seminar (Trieste, Italy), “New CFT/TFT Relations"
  • 8/2016, Strings 2016 (Beijing, China), "Conformal Manifolds, Moduli Spaces, and Chiral Algebras," (video)
  • 7/2016, GGI Workshop on Conformal Field Theories and Renormalization Group Flows in Dimensions d>2 (Florence, Italy), "Conformal Manifolds and Chiral Algebras"
  • 3/2015, Princeton University, "Conformal Manifolds and Argyres-Douglas Theories"
  • 1/2014, Quantum Fields Beyond Perturbation Theory (KITP, UC Santa Barbara), "Minimal Distances Between SCFTs," (video)
  • 11/2013, Solvay Workshop on Exploring Higher Energy Physics (Brussels, Belgium), "Minimal Distances and the RG Flow"
  • 5/2012, Planck 2012 (Warsaw, Poland), "R Symmetry and Emergent Symmetry"
  • 11/2011, Harvard University, "R Symmetry and Non-Perturbative QFT"