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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Dr Enrico Camporeale


Senior Lecturer in Digital Environment

Room Number: G. O. Jones Building, Room 517


My work lives at the boundary between machine learning, computational physics and space physics. I develop and use a variety of models that range from black-box machine learning algorithms to data-driven simulations. The goals of my studies encompass both fundamental physics and forecasting applications.


Teaching overview

SPA 4131 - Introduction to Data Science


Research Interests:


  • Machine learning for space weather
  • Data-driven discovery of space physics
  • Uncertainty quantification and uncertainty-aware AI
  • Ensemble methods and out of distribution generalization
  • Physics-based scientific Machine Learning
  • Interpretable AI


  • Camporeale E, Burgess D (2008). Electron firehose instability: Kinetic linear theory and two-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations. nameOfConference

    QMRO: qmroHref
  • Camporeale E, Delzanno GL, Lapenta G et al. (2006). New approach for the study of linear Vlasov stability of inhomogeneous systems. nameOfConference

    QMRO: qmroHref
  • Camporeale E, Lapenta G (2005). Model of bifurcated current sheets in the Earth's magnetotail: Equilibrium and stability. nameOfConference

    QMRO: qmroHref
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