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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

How to apply

There is a wide range of fellowships available from external funders, many of which are open to applicants of any nationality.  We recommend contacting a member of academic staff who is undertaking research in the area of your interest in the first instance; alternatively, contact the relevant Head of Department who can advise you on next steps.

We offer support to the best candidates who apply for fellowship funding. In many cases, the academic staff member will work with you on developing your project and writing your application.

All proposals are subject to our internal peer review process before being submitted to external funders, to optimise your chance of success. Two academic members of staff will review and feedback on your proposal if your application makes it to this stage.

You should contact the relevant member of academic staff at least 20 working days before the funding deadline, to allow enough time for preparation and costing of the proposal.


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