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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Study Abroad Programmes

We live in an increasingly globalised world, where businesses, research and culture thrive on international co-operation. We aim to equip you with the ability to excel as part of this world through opportunities to study abroad, which will allow you to develop valuable insights into different cultures and ways of working.

A study abroad year

Our BSc and MSci Physics with Year Abroad programmes give you the opportunity to spend a non-credit bearing year abroad at one of our English-speaking partner universities in the USA and Australia. For more information see the coursefinder pages for the 4 year and 5 year Physics with Year Abroad programmes.

Astronomy placements in Crete

The top two students on the Astrophysics programme will be offered fully-funded summer internships at the Skinakas Observatory in Crete. These typically happen in the summer after final year exams. Read more at the dedicated astronomy placement page.

More information

Further information on oportunities to study abroad are listed on the University's study abroad opportunities page.

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