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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Student voice

Our MSc students graduate with valuable skills and experiences that serve them well in a wide range of careers and further study pathways. Read on to hear about the experiences of some of our alumni.

I am now working as a Data Scientist at a start-up called Tech Alchemy. The company was set up a few years ago by three Queen Mary computer science graduates. Physics has given me the patience to solve problems, given very little initial information. This is exactly what is needed for a career in data science. Although the Maths is different, the skills are transferable. Additionally, my Masters dissertation involved using MATLAB for complex mathematical modelling, which has helped with my current role, as well understanding how to use other computer programs for data structuring.
— Geeta Patel, MSc Astrophysics, 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed my Euromaster degree from start to finish, but the outstanding highlight was the year I spent in research. Every module I studied contributed to the foundation needed to engage in physics research, however, the research leg of the Euromaster degree was instrumental in leading me to a PhD. The length of time enabled proper investigation of a fascinating research problem, culminating in new results and ultimately publication. Not only did I get the chance to experience what academic research is like and network with academics, but my supervisor was also able to assess my research skills.
— Nadia Bahjat-Abbas, MSc Theoretical Physics (Euromasters), 2017
I was blessed with an opportunity to learn an extremely diverse range of topics across the theoretical physics spectrum and the MSc gave me an opportunity to give me a feel for what area of physics I liked best. The course has given me a solid foundation in theoretical physics and has given me the confidence to approach unsolved problems. I am currently a PhD student at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth and feel that my time at Queen Mary equipped me well for PhD study. I recently completed a research placement in Aachen, Germany. My research involves both theory and computing, looking at developing a second-order Boltzmann code to help analyse the next generation of galaxy surveys and better understand cosmology.
— Sam Lawrence, MSc Theoretical Physics, 2017
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