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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Conformal Field Theories and Artificial Intelligence

Research Group: Centre for Research in String Theory
Number of Students: 1
Length of Study in Years: 3-4 years
Full-time Project: yes




Project Description

Conformal Field Theories are mathematical descriptions of natural phenomena that look the same at all length scales. They find fundamental applications over a large spectrum of topics ranging from condensed-matter physics, particle physics, string theory and quantum gravity. They are, however, incredibly hard to solve with the exception of a handful of examples.

This project aims to exploit the tremendous recent progress in Artificial Intelligence to solve arbitrary conformal field theories. This will be achieved by utilising machine-learning techniques similar to those used by Google’s DeepMind Technologies when building the AlphaGo programme, which spectacularly beat professional Go champions.


A very good grasp of graduate Quantum Field Theory and supersymmetry, as well as some basic conformal field theory and string theory. Coding experience is desireable. 

SPCS Academics: Costis Papageorgakis