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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences


Thumbnail Image New Postdoctoral Position
24 December 2021

We're hiring a new postdoctoral research assistant in theoretical physics with closing date 12 January, 2022. Click on to find out more.

Thumbnail Image Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know
8 June 2021

A documentary film following the quest to understand the most mysterious objects in the Universe.

Queen Mary Physicist stars in new documentary opposite Stephen Hawking
8 June 2021

‘A black hole is stranger than anything dreamed up by science fiction writers. It’s a region of space where gravity is so strong that nothing can escape. Once you are over the edge, there’s no way back’

– Stephen Hawking

Linguistic Matrix Theory
24 May 2021

A collection of short articles based on the research of Dr Sanjaye Ramgoolam (CRST, QMUL) in the area of ``Linguistic Matrix Theory.’’

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