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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

When: Thursday, March 11, 2021, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Where: Zoom

Speaker: Valentin Khoze

Title: QCD instantons and Hadron Colliders

QCD instantons are arguably the best motivated yet unobserved nonperturbative effects predicted by the Standard Model. A discovery and detailed study of instanton-generated processes at colliders would provide a new window into the phenomenological exploration of QCD and a vastly improved fundamental understanding of its non-perturbative dynamics. We present for the first time a full calculation of QCD instanton-induced processes in proton-proton collisions accounting for quantum corrections due to both initial and final state gluon interactions. Although QCD instanton processes are predicted to be produced with a large scattering cross-section at small centre-of-mass partonic energies, discovering them at hadron colliders is a challenging task that requires dedicated search strategies. 


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