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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

MSc Physics (EuroMasters) Elective Modules

MSc Physics (Euromasters)


Compulsory/core modules are in bold text, while all other modules are elective.

All modules are worth 15 credits unless stated otherwise. A Euromasters degree consists of a total of 240 credits.

The MSc Physics (Euromasters) programme spans two academic years and offers various study pathways, including Theoretical Physics, Particle Physics, and Astrophysics. We have created module supplement websites to display the required modules for each of these pathways.

Alternatively, students can choose a flexible study route that doesn't follow a specific stream.

Below is the full list of available modules within MSc Physics Euromasters:

Year 1 (120 credits)







SPA7018P Relativistic Waves and Quantum Fields SPA7001P Advanced Quantum Field Theory
SPA7019P Relativity and Gravitation SPA7004P Astrophysical Plasmas
SPA7027P Differential Geometry in Theoretical Physics SPA7009P Extrasolar Planets and Astrophysical Discs
SPA7022P Solar System SPA7010P The Galaxy
SPA7023P Stellar Structure and Evolution SPA7028P Advanced Cosmology
SPA7035P Radiation Sensors SPA7031P Supersymmetric Methods in Theoretical Physics
SPA6308P Spacetime and Gravity SPA7032P Introduction to Strings and Branes
SPA6413P Quantum Mechanics B SPA7033P Practical Machine Learning
   SPA7036P Radiative Transfer and Astrochemistry
Year 2 (120 credits)

SPA7026P Euromasters Project/Dissertation (120 Credits) (CORE)
During your second year you will complete a 9-month long project worth 120 credits. 
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