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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

PhD Projects

Our School is recognised for its high-quality research with 94% of our research rated "world-leading or internationally excellent" by the Research Excellence Framework 2014.

Project Title Supervisor
Chiral Spin Filtering through Helicenes (China Scholarship Council project) Dr Jochen Brandt
Exploiting polymer chemical versatility for the synthesis of functional artificial cells (QM Studentship) Dr Omar Rifaie-Graham
Elucidating the fate of iron and copper based nanofertilizer in soil-plant system using isotope labelling and synchrotron techniques (QM Studentship) Dr Peng Zhang
Ion permeation, gating and pharmacology in K2P channels studied with computational methods (EPSRC Funded Project) Dr. Wojciech Kopec
Plastic waste upcycling using microwave-initiated heterogeneous catalysis (QM Studentship) Dr Michael Jie
Light-Driven Nanomachines for Transformative Health and Disease Research (QM Studentship) Dr Marc Fernandez-Yague
Light-Driven Nanomachines for Cell Biology (China Scholarship Council project) Professor Matteo Palma
Nanotechnology for hybrid optoelectronic systems and devices (China Scholarship Council project) Professor Matteo Palma
Helicenes for Molecular Junctions (Royal Society project) Dr Jochen Brandt
Conversion of CO2 to Value-added Chemicals & Materials: from Fundamental Principles to Experimental Design (China Scholarship Council project) Dr Devis Di Tommaso
Photocatalysis with Soft Semiconductors (China Scholarship Council project) Dr Stoichko Dimitrov
From data to discovery: development of a comprehensive bioinformatic toolkit for myosin studies (China Scholarship Council project) Dr Arianna Fornili
Base Metals Catalysis for Sustainable Organic Synthesis (China Scholarship Council project) Dr Oriol Planas
Study on microwave-initiated tandem catalysis (Self-funded project) Dr Michael Jie
Low carbon emissions (net zero) upcycling of 3D printing plastic waste (Self-funded project) Dr Michael Jie
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