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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

PhD Projects

Our School is recognised for its high-quality research with 94% of our research rated "world-leading or internationally excellent" by the Research Excellence Framework 2014.

Project Title Supervisor
Aryne-mediated synthesis of biologically active heterocycles Dr Christopher Jones
Computational modeling of photo-phenomena in condensed phase Dr Rachel Crespo-Otero
Computational modelling of protein dynamics in heart disease Dr Arianna Fornili
Small and abundant molecules as building blocks for added-value chemicals & materials: from fundamental principles to catalyst design Dr Devis Di Tommaso
UV coatings for printed photovoltaics Dr Stoichko Dimitrov
Data-driven design of metal-organic frameworks for CO2 capture and photocatalytic conversion Dr Rachel Crespo-Otero
Nanotechnology for hybrid optoelectronic and biosensing systems and devices Dr Matteo Palma
Computational modelling of myosin mutants for the treatment of congenital myopathies Dr Arianna Fornili
New Conjugated Polymers and Polymerisation Processes for Organic Bioelectronic Applications Dr Cristian Nielsen
p-d Block cooperation: towards noble base metals Dr Oriol Planas Fabrega
'Innovations in synthetic chemistry using sustainable Green Solvents with low environmental impact Dr ChristopherJones
Quantum solar for high performance solar cells Dr Stoichko Dimitrov
From 2D to 3D Organic Frameworks for Thermoelectric Applications Dr Christian Nielsen
One-Pot Molecular Diversity via the Harnessing of Multiple Reactive Intermediates Dr Christopher Jones
Understanding ultralong phosphorescence in organic materials Dr Rachel Crespo-Otero
Development of novel radiopaque polymer resins for dental fillings Dr Stellios Arseniyadis
CO2-Sequestered Infrastructure Materials: Machine Learning for Rational Optimisation of Industrial Properties in Green Cements Dr Greg Chass
Design programmable actuating materials for soft robotics Dr Yao Lu
CO2 Conversion to Chemicals & Materials: from Fundamental Principles to Catalyst Design Dr Devis Di Tommaso
Paramagnetic Chiral Materials for Optical Magnetic Field Sensors Dr Jochen Brandt
Nanotechnology for Electrocatalytic Conversion Dr Matteo Palma
New routes to oligonucleotide manufacturing Dr Stellios Arseniyadis
Paramagnetic Chiral Materials for Optical Magnetic Field Sensors Dr Jochen Brandt
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