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School of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Chemical Physics Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory

The Centre for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics has a small laboratory for wet chemical synthesis in room 302 of the G O Jones Building. This is equipped with four fume hoods, a programmable oven for solvothermal syntheses, and basic equipment for synthesis and crystallisation including rotary evaporators, hot plates, a centrifuge, and standard glassware. Some characterisation (UV/visible and Raman spectroscopy, DSC) is available in the Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory next door, while more advanced characterisation is possible in other laboratories such as the X-ray Diffraction and NMR Facilities.

This laboratory primarily supports researchers in the Department of Physics and Astronomy who need to perform straightforward chemical syntheses, augmenting the larger Chemistry Research Laboratory. It is open to all SPCS researchers after appropriate training, which can be arranged by contacting the Technician in Charge.

Users are requested also to consult the Technician in Charge before bringing new chemicals or equipment into the lab, or removing anything from the lab.

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