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Becas Pronabec- Presidente de la Republica

About the award

Level: Masters, PhD
Course: All postgraduate courses
Country: Peru
Value: Full fees and stipend
No. of awards: Variable
Deadline: Variable

More information

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The Ministry of Education of Peru, through the National Program of Scholarships and Educational Loans (PRONABEC),funds Peruvians to study for a Master's or Doctorate studies at the 400 top universities in the world of the Rankings QS World University Rankings, Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) and Times Higher Education World University Ranking. Queen Mary sites comfortably within the top third of this range. 

The Scholarship is aimed at Peruvian professionals with residence in Peru, who have obtained the bachelor's degree or the professional degree of Bachelor and have belonged to the upper third or its equivalent, at least, throughout the undergraduate degree; of insufficient economic resources and good professional and / or research profile.


  1. 100% of the tuition and pension costs of the study program.
  2. Interprovincial transportation from the place of origin of the fellow to Lima and vice versa, at the beginning and end of the program: the transfer will be made by land, and the trip can be authorized by air only in cases where the land route is not a means of transport or in cases of permanent impossibility of the use of the terrestrial route by natural disasters.
  3. Air transport from Peru to the country of destination and vice versa, at the beginning and end of the program, in economy class.
  4. Subsidy for child support.- Monthly allowance exclusively for accommodation, food and local mobility expenses, which is approved annually by PRONABEC.
  5. No installation expenses, personal expenses, expenses for dependents or previous or supervening family charges are contemplated.
  6. Subsidy for study materials.- annuals for the purchase of books and study materials, unless the agreement concluded with the Higher Education Institution (IES) establishes a different amount; as long as they report those of the University, passing grade of the previous semester of studies and favorable report of the tutor on postgraduate studies.
  7. Subsidy for Medical Insurance.- Annual cost of medical insurance. The contractual link subsists between the grant holder and the insurance company. The choice of this should consider the coverage of health, life, accident and repatriation expenses, as the case may be.
  8. Subsidy for research and titling work. - Includes the expenses incurred by the fellow to carry out the research for the thesis and the procedures for obtaining the Master's degree and / or Doctorate, as appropriate, which must be carried out. within the period in which the studies are being studied. The thesis work or research project or technological innovation to be developed should reflect its contextualization, relevance and relevance for the development of the country and should be applicable in the locality (preferably) of the scholarship applicant.

Eligibilty Requirements

  • Have Peruvian nationality in accordance with the current legal system.
  • Have up to forty (40) years of age for master's studies and fifty (50) years of age to do doctoral studies as of December 31, 2017.
  • For postulants to master's studies they must have a bachelor's degree or professional degree registered before the National Superintendence of University Higher Education (Sunedu).
  • For applicants to doctorate studies they must also submit the master's degree, registered before the National Superintendence of Higher Education University (Sunedu).
  • Be domiciled and physically located in Peru, at least one year prior to the application and throughout the process of the call until the award of the scholarship, in the case of citizens who have returned to the country and have taken refuge in the Law No. 30001, additionally they must present their Returned Migrant Card.
  • Count the acceptance letter of an eligible university.
  • Having belonged at least to the upper third or its equivalent, during the entire period of undergraduate studies, for doctoral studies must accredit academic excellence in the master's program.
  • Demonstrate a good professional and / or research profile.
  • Have the level of language required to complete graduate studies.
  • Be in good physical and mental health that allows you to complete the program of study.
  • Do not record police, judicial or criminal records.
  • Not having enough economic resources to face the cost of postgraduate studies. (Socioeconomic sheet).
  • Work experience, in the case of applying for a master's degree, you must prove work experience related to your professional career and / or studies to which you apply, for a minimum of twelve (12) months, after obtaining a bachelor's degree. In case of applying for a doctorate they will have to prove work experience of at least twenty-four (24) months, after obtaining the bachelor's degree.

See the Pronobec website for details of calls and applications:


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